DEVA Ceramide Skin Support


Deva Nutrition is proud to introduce its plant source ceramide (phytoceramide) skin support supplement.

We know about ceramide doing wonders for our hair. Researchers have studied the tremendous benefits of ceramides in the improvement of skin health and function. Our skin consists of several layers of tissue, one of which is called the “stratum corneum”. This is the layer of the skin where intercellular lipids are present and they play an important role in water retention, thus keeping our skin moist and hydrated. Ceramides are the main component of this inter-cellular lipid layer and are responsible for moisturising the skin. With the help of ceramides, our skin forms a barrier which protects it from exogenous factors and prevents water loss, but in conditions like atopic dermatitis there is dryness of the skin due to water loss accompanied by intense itching.

Until recently, ceramides have been popularly used in topical creams and lotions for treating dry skin conditions, but it appears that the effects of topical application are temporary. Therefore, many researchers conducted studies on oral ceramide supplementation in the form of a liquid or tablet for dry skin conditions. They have seen positive results. Ceramide is considered to be a safe agent with no or very little allergenic effects. In a recent study conducted by several researchers, it was reported that oral supplementation of ceramide for 1 month and 3 months by healthy human individuals respectively, improved skin roughness. There was a significant decrease in water loss from the skin and an improvement in skin barrier function.

A similar pre-clinical study conducted in 2000 also suggested that ceramides play an important role in the maintenance of the barrier function of the skin. One study also showed that dryness of the skin in humans is due to impaired metabolism of ceramides. A reduced amount of total ceramide is responsible for functional abnormalities of the skin. Ceramide was also studied on children with itchy dry skin who were allergic to house dust mites.

Many studies indicate that barrier function is improved in humans by uptake of ceramide, and improvement in skin health is observed both in healthy individuals with normal skin and individuals with dry skin. Studies show that amounts of 1 mg to 2 mg of ceramide per day is enough to make a noticeable improvement in skin health and function especially in relation to retaining moisture. Deva Ceramide skin support contains 1 mg of ceramide from sweet potato extract per tablet, which is an amount in line with the clinical studies.

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