DEVA Multivitamin & Mineral – One Daily


Get a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs with DEVA Vegan Multivitamin. Balanced, multiple vitamin and mineral formula enriched with green whole foods, vegetable powders and special herbs formulated without animal derived ingredients making it suitable for vegans. DEVA Nutrition is pleased to offer this high potency, balanced multiple vitamin and mineral suitable for vegans and anyone who prefers an animal-free multivitamin supplement for their nutritional needs. Besides a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals provided at 100% daily value or more, Vitamin B-12 is provided at 100 mcg per serving (1666% daily value) and iron at 18 mg per serving (100% daily value) for those who feel taking these nutrients on a regular basis is important for their health and well being.

Each oblong shaped tablet measures a 19mm long by 7.95mm wide. Tablets are well coated with chlorophyll coating for easy swallowing.

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